Salesforce Integration is a helpdesk solution for small business in the famous Salesforce ecosystem. We're happy to announce that it's now possible to connect Callexa Feedback to your Helpdesk.

Let Callexa automatically survey your customers when a ticket has been closed or resolved. Once a customer replies to the survey, his rating will be synced back to the customer entry. That way you won't have to login to Callexa just to keep track of your ratings. Set it up once and automatically get valuable feedback on your customer service quality.

How it's done:

  1. If you haven't already, register your free Callexa account now.
  2. Create a new survey and adjust text, colors and logo to your likings.
  3. Click on the "Recipients" button of your survey.
  4. On the left side you will see all available integrations, click on the "Salesforce Desk" tab.
  5. Enter your Helpdesk domain (e.g. or your full VIP domain.
  6. Head over to your Admin Panel and navigate to Settings > API > My Applications.
    Create a new App, name it "Callexa" and use "" for the URL field.
  7. Once that's done you can see a combination of 2 keys and another 2 tokens by clicking on the "Your Access Token" link.

  8. Copy and Paste those values into the matching fields of your Callexa survey.
  9. Specify which ticket states will result in a survey. You can either select both, or only survey on tickets which have been resolved.
  10. Set up how many days Callexa should wait at least and at most after a ticket has reached that state.
  11. Activate the automation, click the save settings button and you are done.

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