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Ways to integrate Callexa Feedback

In this article we want to introduce several ways to integrate NPS surveys to your system. Generally there are 3 ways to integrate Callexa Feedback:

  1. Surveys via email
    With this method you can survey certain customers via email. For example, Callexa Feedback can be configured to send a survey after an arbitrary number of days to the customers after an order has been completed or after a cancellation or after receiving an invoice. The customer can evaluate within this email. After the evaluation has been done, a website with a follow-up question or additional tags which can be evaluated, will popup.

    NPS Email

    NPS Email Mobile     NPS Email Mobile Folgefrage
  2. Onsite surveys
    With this method it is possible to integrate surveys on your website or you onlineshop directly.

    a) As an inline widget on top of your website (e.g. after an order has been completed)

    b) As an inline widget at the position you desire (e.g. after unsubscribing your newsletter)

    NPS Inline Text

    c) After a click on a feedback button placed on your website

    NPS Feedback Button

    d) With a popup window which will be shown automatically (e.g. if a user is logged into your website)

    NPS Popup Box

    e) As a slideup widget at the end of your website. The widget will be shown as a small bar at the end of your website. If the visitor clicks on the bar or if he scrolls to the end of the page the widget will be extended.

    NPS SlideUp Widget
  3. Link surveys
    With this method it is possible to integrate a survey link externally. This is helpful if you want to refer to your survey within a newsletter, email signature or social media articles. A link will be generated which redirects the interviewee on a website with your NPS  survey.

    NPS Linkbefragung

Do you have suggestions for further integrations? Then please send an email to

Integration NPS Examples

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