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Megaventory Integration

In our today's edition of Callexa Feedback Integration series we want to introduce the service Megaventory closer.

What is Megaventory?

Ever looked for a solution that helps you organize your inventory and optimize sales? With Megaventory you can now achieve this. Thanks to the clean and simple interface SMBs get a reliable and easy to use solution they can acces from alomost anywhere.



Manage stock, cost and reports with only a few clicks.
No more inefficient handling of your inventory and customer orders.

All business processes under one roof
Manage everything, from Inventory, Manufacturing, E-Commerce to Sales, even through the implemented API through Megaventory.

Use Case Example

With Zapier, the integration of Callexa Feedback Customer Satisfaction Analysis into Megaventory can be done easily. The analysis could for example be initiated once an order has been processed and delivered to the client. The data is transfered to the respective campaign in Callexa Feedback and the client receives the survey according to the campaign settings.

Megaventory offers web-based inventory and order management - you can try it for free for 15 days here. (

What is Zapier?

With Zapier you can create custom integrations, automate tasks between hundreds of web applications and connect apps to safely move data from A to B. Zapier makes software integration easy. For everyone. With Zapier you can connect your application or software with hundreds of different web services in just a few minutes.

With the integration via Zapier it's possible to transfer all your Megaventory subscribers to Callexa Feedback and survey them automatically. Following the successful survey, customer satisfaction is determined and evaluated with the help of NPS. After the customer has given his feedback you can publish it quickly and easily on your website to convince new customers of your service.

You can find the Callexa Feedback NPS App for Zapier / Megaventory here.

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