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Ways to integrate Callexa Feedback

In this article we want to introduce several ways to integrate NPS surveys to your system. Generally there are 3 ways to integrate Callexa Feedback:

  1. Surveys via email
    With this method you can survey certain customers via email. For example, Callexa Feedback can be configured to send a survey after an arbitrary number of days to the customers after an order has been completed or after a cancellation or after receiving an invoice. The customer can evaluate within this email. After the evaluation has been done, a website with a follow-up question or additional tags which can be evaluated, will popup.

    NPS Email

    NPS Email Mobile     NPS Email Mobile Folgefrage
  2. Onsite surveys
    With this method it is possible to integrate surveys on your website or you onlineshop directly.

    a) As an inline widget on top of your website (e.g. after an order has been completed)

    b) As an inline widget at the position you desire (e.g. after unsubscribing your newsletter)

    NPS Inline Text

    c) After a click on a feedback button placed on your website

    NPS Feedback Button

    d) With a popup window which will be shown automatically (e.g. if a user is logged into your website)

    NPS Popup Box

    e) As a slideup widget at the end of your website. The widget will be shown as a small bar at the end of your website. If the visitor clicks on the bar or if he scrolls to the end of the page the widget will be extended.

    NPS SlideUp Widget
  3. Link surveys
    With this method it is possible to integrate a survey link externally. This is helpful if you want to refer to your survey within a newsletter, email signature or social media articles. A link will be generated which redirects the interviewee on a website with your NPS  survey.

    NPS Linkbefragung

Do you have suggestions for further integrations? Then please send an email to Integration

Segment is a popular customer data hub meant as an effortless way to integrate different web applications through a common set of data streams. We are happy to announce, that it will soon be possible to integrate Callexa Feedback into your own web application through Segment.

What you can do with Callexa Feedback and

  • Automatically send NPS surveys through Segment's analystics.identify command
  • Review all ratings, comments and statistics directly in your Callexa Feedback dashboard
  • Or let Callexa sync back ratings by adding additional traits to the customer object in Segment
  • Conclusion: Fully automated integration with more than 100 web applications


Enable Segment for your Callexa survey:

  1. Navigate to the "Recipients" panel of your survey and open the Tab labeled "Segment"
  2. Set how many days to wait before sending a survey to a customer imported through Segment
    (read more about "sending delays" in the section below)
  3. Click the checkbox to enable the automation and hit "Save"
  4. Now copy the API Key to your clipboard

Enable Callexa in your Segment Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the "Integrations" panel and select Callexa Feedback
  2. Paste the API Key of your survey to the form and hit "Save and close"
  3. That's it, new customers will now automatically be surveyed through Callexa

Enable the sync back of new ratings (optional):

  1. Navigate to the "Project Keys" panel in Segment and copy the "Write Key" to your clipboard
  2. Navigate to your survey's "Recipients" panel in Callexa and paste the Write Key into the matching field of the "Segment" Tab
  3. New ratings will now be added as additional customer traits callexa_rating, callexa_comment and callexa_date


About sending delays

Often you do not want to send the survey immediatly after the analytics.identify() command has been called. To correctly delay the sending of surveys we recommend that the createdAt trait is set correctly for all your customers. If it is not set Callexa will treat the customer as created on the current day.

You can define a minimum and a maximum delay in days for the survey to be sent after customer creation. If the minimum delay is set to 0, the survey will be sent immediatly. If the creation date is further back than the maximum delay, the customer will not be surveyed. For better understanding here are some typical scenarios:

  • Survey only new customers at least 3 days after their creation:
    Set the minimum delay to 3 and the maximum delay to e.g. 14 days in order to ignore customer records older than that
  • Survey every customer, even repeatedly, whenever the identify command is called:
    Set the minimum delay to the value you want but the maximum delay to 0. Whenever analytics.identify() is called, a survey will be sent to that customer. The same would apply if no createdAt trait is set for the customer.
  • Survey every customer, even repeatedly, but not necessarily every time the identify command is called:
    There is a global setting available for this purpose. Navigate to the edit panel of your survey and set a minimum interval in weeks. Callexa will ignore all identify calls for customers who already have been surveyed during that interval.


Used Traits

Callexa will import the following customer traits:

  • email (required)
  • firstName, lastName (optional)
  • name (optional - ignored if firstName or lastName trait is available)
  • gender (optional)
  • createdAt (optional, see "About sending delays" section)


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for easily creating online stores. We are proud to announce that Callexa can now be fully integrated with your own Shopify Store.

Let Callexa automatically survey your customers several days after they have placed an order. Once a customer gives you a rating, it will be attached to the order and customer entry as a new tag. If he passes a comment it will be appended to the notes field of the order entry. That way you won't have to login to Callexa just to keep track of your ratings. Set it up once and automatically get valuable feedback for your shop, ordering process and products.

And here is how you do it:

  1. If you haven't already, register your free Callexa account now.
  2. Create a new survey and adjust text, colors and logo to your likings.
  3. Click on the "Recipients" button of your survey.
  4. On the left side you will see all available Integrations, click on the "Shopify" tab.
  5. Just enter your shopify store name and click on save.
  6. For authorization you will be redirected to Shopify, login with your shop credentials and grant access for the Callexa App. (Note that we do not access or store any data besides your customers email address and name. The only fields altered will be tags and notes to append received ratings and comments.)
  7. Once you've granted access you'll be redirected back to Callexa and the red "Authorization required" label should've turned to a green "Authorization granted".
  8. Specify which order states will result in a survey. You can either select all, or only survey orders which have been shipped.
  9. Set up how many days Callexa should wait at least and at most after an order has been placed, before sending a survey. Note that the maximum days value shouldn't be set to high, it would be irritating to ask customers for their opinion if they do not even remember their order. We recommend a value between 30 and 60. Usually surveys are sent earlier, as soon as they have reached the desired state and minimum days value. But the initial batch after your setup will include past orders up to the maximum days value.
  10. Activate the automation, click the save settings button and you are done.

Remember, replies and ratings will be synced back to your Shopify store as notes and tags. But to get detailed statistics and a better overview of your ratings we recommend that you log in to your Callexa account once in a while.

Insightly Integration

In today's article we would like to introduce our Software Integration Partner Insightly.


Insightly is a great tool that helps mid-sized companies to deal with the daily barrage of tasks such as managing leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. With the CRM best practices, you can see all information on a lead or a contact, beginning with the origin and e-mail history over to key data on all projects in which they have participated.

With an automated address and flexible calendaring, scheduling and email functions no customer falls into oblivion anymore. Moreover, projects and contracts with various tracking capabilities (Pipeline view, memories, event reports and task management) can be controlled.

With Insightly's Web-based Customer Relationship Management functions you will not miss a thing anymore.

Our Callexa Feedback Plugin for Insightly

To survey your Insightly contacts, please perform the following steps:

  • Log in and transfer the API key from the Insightly user settings in the appropriate field on the Callexa Integration page.
  • Enter the earliest date which the survey should take place.
  • By specifying tags you can restrict the circle of contacts to be interviewed.
  • If desired, enable automatic surveys and save the settings.
  • Alternatively, you can always perform a manual import.
  • Survey results are automatically added to the respective contact in your Insightly account as a note.

Salesforce Integration is a helpdesk solution for small business in the famous Salesforce ecosystem. We're happy to announce that it's now possible to connect Callexa Feedback to your Helpdesk. Let Callexa automatically survey your customers when a ticket has been resolved.

All replies to the survey will be synced back to the customer entry. Set it up once and automatically get valuable feedback on your customer service quality.


We offer a permanently free account with up to 50 surveys per month.
If you haven't already, register your free Callexa account now.


Follow our integration guide and set up the automation for in 6 easy steps:

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